Affirmation for Kids

How to Create Affirmation for Kids

How the children think about themselves and their environment matters. Their perception helps them create beliefs and thoughts which affect their way of living. These thoughts reflect on how the children behave and act towards things. It is, therefore, critically important to help them see themselves and the world in a better view. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using affirmation for kids.

Creating affirmations for kids is crucial

The words could make or break a child. Creating the wrong ones may result in wasted time and effort. It could have negative effects on the child’s attitude and way of thinking. On the other hand, the appropriate affirmations could help a child become a better man. It could help them gain confidence and trust on themselves as well as on other people.

The basic rule for creating affirmation for kids is simple

The statement must always be positive when working with Affirmation for Kids. The phrases should make a child feel better and stronger whenever the statement is uttered or thought. Effective affirmations for kids are known to have positive psychological impacts. It keeps their spirits high. It also helps them create desirable attitudes. The words get them going so they achieve their goals.

Affirmation for kids should be short. This way, the kids will find it easier to memorize and repeat the words. Studies show shorter sentences are easier to ponder on – the shorter the sentence, the stronger the impact on children.

Affirmation for kids should be simple

The children have to understand and feel the words. The choice of words in the statement should be based on the vocabulary of the child. The background and attitude of a child also play important roles for this matter.

  • The statements should be in the first person point view. This helps create emotional link between the kid and the words. Once the emotions are felt, the statement starts to become real.
  • The affirmations should be active and strong. Use words which strike the brain and the heart. There should’n’t be any words which suggest failure such as “maybe” and “I’’ll try”.
  • The statements should be positive. Do not use words such as “not”. Instead of saying, “I am not weak”, say “I am strong”. The second phrase has more impact than the first one. In fact, the first statement is not moving at all.
  • Construct the affirmations in present tense. Affirmations are intended for the future but saying them like they are actually happening now makes their effect stronger. Once the subconscious mind adapts the idea, it starts working towards it. Say “I am good in math” instead of “I will learn math soon”.

Affirmation for kids or positive self-talks is proven to have advantageous effects when it comes to making the children feel better. Studies show that positivity is essential element in the formative years of an individual. It is in childhood where basic values and principles are taught since children are most receptive during these years. Instilling affirmation for kids is essential.

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