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Affirmations for Health and How to Do Them

I am healthy in every way. If someone says those words are powerful and they have the ability to keep you in the pink health, would you believe? Some people would probably reject the idea but for those who have already experienced the wonders of affirmations of health, this is true.

Volumes of scientific research have already proven the effectiveness of affirmations for health. These studies show positive thinking has valuable advantageous impact on the body that even chronic diseases cannot defeat. It is believed that the mind and the body have great connections. Everything actually starts in the mind.

Many health gurus recommend the inclusion of affirmations for health in the daily lives of people.

Positive thinking can help promote good health and healing. This is how it works: the physical body has energy flowing in it. When a person has a negative thought, say he’s depressed, every part of the body seem to feel it. For instance, students may feel sick due to an upcoming exam. They may feel stomach troubles, like they want to throw up when actually there’s nothing wrong with their bodies. This means their thoughts cause their systems to react that way. On the other hand, when the mind is filled with positive and happy thoughts, the body seems to be in a better state. It is actually easy to determine a happy person because of the positive energy that he is projecting. Normally, cheerful people tend to have good stance and their eyes seem to look more alive and opened. Thus, it is best to always keep your thoughts positive.

Various studies have also shown doing affirmations actually heals those who are sick in a faster manner. This is because the positive statements affect both the mental and emotional patterns of the human subtle energy field where the state of health is basically projected. The more frequently an affirmations for health is repeated throughout the day, the more effective it will be.

Here are different ways in absorbing a positive affirmations for health:

Spoken affirmations for health

Speaking the positive thoughts out loud may help your brain process the meaning more efficiently.

Singing affirmations for health

This technique is effective for children since it is easier to memorize the words when it is accompanied by melodies.

Written affirmations for health

Writing is proven to be an effective way to focus and memorize. Notice how people sometimes write the word to know if it is misspelled or not. It works for ideas, too. Writing the ideas several times will help absorb the meaning even more.

Mirror affirmations for health

Saying the words in front of the mirror help you keep a mental image of yourself in a positive state. Whenever you feel lonely, remembering your self-image can actually lift your spirit high.

Exercise affirmations for health

While doing some routines, your mind is in relaxed state since you are not thinking about work or anything else. Use this time to repeat your some health affirmations. This will help you appreciate the exercise you are doing.
Affirmations for health can actually be considered as natural medicines. They help promote optimal health for the body. They can even be performed anytime and are safe for everyone.

Health Healing Affirmations (Health Wellness Affirmations)

You can easily detect if you’re healthy or not: it’s how you feel every day. Do you feel lousy or energetic? Do you drag yourself up in the morning or do you greet your day with joy and enthusiasm? Health is not just about your physical body, it’s also about your outlook in life and how you feel about it. Perfection in health means your body, mind and soul are one. Pick one or two Positive Affirmations for Good Health from the list below and start experiencing these Good Health Affirmations.

  • Day by day, in every way, I am getting healthier and healthier
  • I am focused on living a healthy lifestyle
  • I accept my own perfect health
  • I am positive-thinking – with an optimistic and powerful mind
  • I am okay with myself and my body; I am self-assured and peaceful
  • I now love and care for my body, it’s a great friend to me
  • The light within me is healing my entire body
  • I am a radiant being filled with light and love

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