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Are You Stressed “am i stressed quiz”

Modern life is, indeed, full of stressors. The worst part is some people just do not notice how stress is creeping into their systems. If neglected, long term stress could cause detrimental effects on health. Before this happens, take this stress quiz to determine how you are right now.

Answer each question based on how you are doing at the time being, not based on what you are doing before. Do not answer based on what you think is right. Remember, this is an assessment of your current state.

Start answering the “am i stressed quiz!”

1. When your friend calls and says she’’ll be at the mall in 5 minutes to meet you, you

  • a. are already dressed and excited for the scheduled mall date.
  • b. think about whether or not you should go.
  • c. are shock and clueless because you can’t remember scheduling a date with her.

 2. When your partner bails on making a project, you

  • a. do the work on your own.
  • b. call for a friend’s help.
  • c. get mad and just cry.

3. When you go to bed at night, you

  • a. reflect on some thoughts and assess the whole day.
  • b. fall asleep easily.
  • c. think about all the problems and worry about the possible troubles along the way.

4. When someone visits your room, you

  • a. confidently let them in and entertain them.
  • b. ask for 5 minutes and rush inside to clean up the mess.
  • c. tell them there’s nothing interesting inside and divert their attentions to another thing.

5. When you are taking an exam, you

  • a. confidently answer the test questions.
  • b. answer first the ones you know and go back on the harder items.
  • c. often find yourself stuck in an item.

6. When you had a bad day, you

  • a. walk around, listen to your ipod and go home feeling better.
  • b. talk to your friends and rant how this bad this day is.
  • c. get mad and shout at the people in your house.

7. When a friend asks what you are doing on weekends, you

  • a. take out your planner and look at your schedule.
  • b. say you’re probably just staying home because there’s tons of work there.
  • c. say you don’t know because you don’t make plans.

8. How many times have you had headaches this week?

  • a. None and this week’s fine.
  • b. Once or twice. Slept them off.
  • c. The headaches happen very often lately.

9. You wake up and

  • a. say I am beautiful and so is this day.
  • b. get up and go straight to the bathroom.
  • c. sigh and imagine the pile of works you have.

10. When you are at the dining table, you

  • a. enjoy your food and savor every bite.
  • b. just swallow the food, drink and leave the table.
  • c. eat while thinking about the deadlines. You leave the table without even remembering how the food tastes.

Here is the result of the “am i stressed quiz“:

If most of your answers to the “am i stressed” quiz are C, you are in trouble because stress has totally gotten into your system and you badly need to address it before it gets any worse. Start by minding the situations on this stress quiz and change the way you react towards them.

If most of your answers to the “am i stressed” quiz are B, your stress level is still tolerable. You handle your stressors in a practical and relaxed manner. You are a bit carefree and you enjoy not taking everything seriously.

If most of your answers to the “am i stressed” quiz are A, you are totally stress-free and is enjoying every bit of life. Your organizational skill is good and you generally have a positive outlook towards life.

Are You Stressed Test?

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