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Building Confidence in Children – Tips & Other Important Things

Adults, most especially parents and teachers, play a big part in Building Confidence and Self Esteem in children

It is the adult’s responsibility to teach the child the importance of developing self-esteem and confidence. And of course, children usually are able to grasp whatever it is that they were taught regarding self-esteem, confidence or self-worth.

It has always been effective to help your child practical exercises in building confidence by teaching the value of accepting mistakes and praising successes. This way, he’ll carry the gift of self-assurance upon growing up.

  1. Offer indisputable praises. However, make sure not to offer those that are gratuitous. Your child might suspect something when you’re praising him only to improve his skills in a particular area. If the praise is well-deserved, then go for it. This way, your child will know how far he’s earning optimism because of genuine praises from you.
  2. Always make use of constructive responses even when you’re upset, frustrated or angry. According to an Oregon University study, this technique in building confidence in children is encouraging regardless of discipline. So instead of giving your child a punishment for not doing well at one thing, talk to him in a heartfelt manner.
  3. Always pay attention to your child. A child who experiences ignorance and rejection will likely think that his stories, opinions and experiences aren’t as important as how he is as a person. So the trick for parents here is to set a valuable time each day – whether after school, before bed or during dinner. This will help foster self-worth and communication, letting children know that they deserve attention from parents.
  4. Always serve as a positive example for your child by exhibiting virtues of confidence. If you’re putting yourself down to the extent that you become depressed or angry when worst things happen, your child will learn that any responses from you is tolerable. Dr. William Sears of the University of California – School of Medicine suggests that parents should deal with their self-esteem issues first before helping their children build confidence.
  5. Always allow your child to make mistakes. Although this may seem awkward, experiencing losses and eventually dealing them plays a crucial role in building confidence in children. This will push the child to always learn something from any mistake he committed. Daniel Meier of the San Francisco State University explains that it’s normal for children to make mistakes. However, their mistakes are clearly an indication of pushing themselves for the better.
  6. Set realistic expectations to your child regardless of his development stage or capacity to finish a specific task.

Allowing your child to test his ability is the most effective way of building confidence in children

Here’s an example: allow him to ride his bike anywhere. This will help your child develop his confidence and audacity. When kids see themselves as doers, they become more motivated and confident enough in exploring new things.

Many children model themselves by looking after people they usually encounter. Maintaining a positive attitude is very important for them since this helps boost their self-confidence.

Building confidence in children with Awesome Self-Confidence affirmation

Focus on your Confidence-Building Tools. Forget what other people think about you; do what you believe is right. Life is full of choices. If you fail, acknowledge your failure and learn from it. Remember to think about your strengths, set up realistic goals, focus on where you are going and what you want to achieve. Focus and let the wisdom of these building confidence in children affirmations permeate your being.

  • Every day I grow more confident in myself
  • I have infinite self-confidence
  • I believe in my talents and abilities
  • I am fully confident in myself
  • I believe wholly in myself
  • I always think positively about myself
  • I work towards improving my life
  • I am confident in my dealings and feelings

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