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Positive Affirmations for Kids – – How to Develop Them

Developing positive affirmations for kids is done by teaching. Parents train their children to treat themselves and others with respect. This is very important because “Daily Positive Affirmations” practice is something every child should do in order to become successful when they grow up.

We begin life with an acceptance of things our parents tells us. As their children, we see no point in disbelieving that we are raised to believe in ourselves. The other side of our affirmations tells us that we are preoccupied with unhappy and negative thoughts. The good news is that it is not always too late for parents to teach their children the value of positive thinking.

In a study by the US Institute of Mental Health, 15% of children between ages 7 and 12 are showing signs of mental illnesses. Although it does not necessarily cure psychological disorders among kids, positive affirmations help boost their confidence and self-esteem in overcoming psychological challenges as they grow up.

Here are few techniques in developing positive affirmations for kids:

Encouragement: Parents, caregivers and teachers play a very important role in the physical and psychological development of children. According to researchers from Mayo Clinic, parents can help their kids develop their confidence by teaching them positive values. Encouraging is believed to be more effective in sports, since this allows children to motivate themselves in accepting wins and losses.

  • Writing: Putting thoughts into paper helps children spell out their ideas and overcome fears. The Oregon Family Support Network, a non-profit organization dedicated in helping families establish a genuine bond, suggests that parents should allow their kids to write all their negative feelings or thoughts. Each negative thought should be countered with a positive one.
  • Training: According to Texas Children Care, discipline and education is not only about controlling a child’s behavior; it is also about controlling their negative thinking or intuition. Training is the most powerful technique in developing positive affirmations for kids. It gives them the benefit of putting words into actions as well as accepting their consequences responsibly.

Positive affirmations for kids will:

Essentially mold the children’s perspective of their abilities and themselves. For parents, it is important to give your children the freedom to do anything that will boost their confidence. You can also teach your child to correct or monitor any self-talk that is deemed faulty. While you cannot read your child’s mind literally, you often hear his/her thoughts by his actions or behavior.

Such positive affirmations for kids like love, encouragement and praises will cause your child to grow as a person filled with optimism and confidence. Sarcastic, critical and harsh words meanwhile will cause your child to feel worthless or ashamed. So the trick here is to praise and assert the positive. Try considering a different approach from the negative as well.

Here are some common examples of positive affirmations for kids:

  • “I am unique”
  • “I feel special”
  • “I feel happy”
  • “I always learn from my mistakes”
  • “I am proud of myself”
  • “I like going to school everyday”
  • “I am very important”

Get you children to repeat these  positive affirmations for kids as a game… Teach them to join some together and create a song out of them.

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