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Wealth Affirmations & How to Make Them Work

Wealth Affirmations are often referred to as “self-talk” or what the human mind says. They are believed to be positive, such as those that say “I can get an A+ for this test” or “I can be successful!”. According to research, we make around 40,000 – 50,000 affirmations everyday (that is around 160 – 200 affirmations per minute). 70% of these are deemed negative.

Practicing wealth affirmations allows our conscious and subconscious minds to be on the same page

In fact, our daily lives are surrounded by wealth affirmations. They have a way to boost our self-esteem by “thought patterns” we developed since childhood. Our thought patterns change as we grow up regardless of educational, cultural or religious upbringing.

Affirmations are one of the most prevailing ways to bring more prosperity into our lives. Everyone knows the importance of positive thinking in our well-being, and wealth affirmations aims to maintain buoyant messages in our mind.

Wealth affirmations work effectively based on how the subconscious adapts behavioral patterns.

You always say “I have more problems than other people”, “I don’t need anything or anyone to be happy” or “It’s impossible to earn millions of dollars”. These are among the many common examples of negative affirmations.

Positive affirmations meanwhile are statements often used to replace pessimistic beliefs with the more optimistic ones. For example, if you can turn your back over a verbal conflict, you say “I believe I am right in whatever I say” or “Regardless of my words, I am very secure about myself”. Most people use positive affirmations to preserve their happiness, good health and career success.

Who says wealth affirmations are only for the rich and famous?

Anyone can go for the desire of being successful in life – let’s not forget the money! Here are four wealth affirmations you must reflect on.

  1. Imagine seeing yourself financially stable and free. Nothing works great for achieving a goal than prioritizing your finances. Although you’re now living the dream, nothing will push you from planning ahead, marking dates on your calendar and setting your present and future finances.
  2. Come up with smarter investments. Whether the money you invested today will generate an effect tomorrow, it is very important to research and consider all angles before putting your money in a stock, product, home, automobile or policy. Having smarter investments pays off in your affirmations.
  3. Be grateful for abundance and prosperity. If you strongly believe that wealth brings out the “better person” in you, developing an eye for gratitude should come first. Give thanks to people who have helped you pursue your goals.
  4. Commit yourself in becoming wealthy. Practice the following wealth affirmations. Just pick one or two wealth affirmations to start with, and commit yourself to becoming wealthy. It helps you create a good picture of living the luxurious life. Commitment is a great motivator that develops your positive wealth affirmations.

Affirmations for Wealth Abundance

Although money is important in the real world, the need to make money should never overshadow your enjoyment of life. If you believe you can never have enough, then you will never have enough. Money will come to you easily when you learn to focus on feeling it into your life. Know that your positive feelings about money are what will make it a reality for you. Get started today by repeating the following wealth affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity.

  • The universe is looking after me so I say thank you
  • I now let go and let Spirit guide me
  • It is good to have money; I now allow it to come to me
  • Money is coming to me easily and effortlessly
  • I am magnetically attracting abundance into my life
  • Financial success is mine; I accept it gratefully right now
  • I am now open to receive all the Good Spirit has for me
  • Spirit is the source of all my supply, I accept it now
  • I am now open to receive the abundant wealth the Universe has for me
  • I now decree that I am ready to receive abundance into my life
  • The good I send out in thought comes back to me multiplied
  • I always have enough money for all my needs
  • I am constantly adding to my income
  • I am financially rewarded for all the work I do
  • I now choose abundance; it’s my natural state
  • I am always prosperous
  • I am willing to receive all the good the universe has for me
  • I now surrender my financial affairs to Spirit, knowing they will be taken good care of
  • Only good flows into my life
  • This is an abundant universe and there is plenty for all of us

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