What is an affirmation

What Is An Affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement used to reprogram your subconscious, a statement when said to your self, over and over, and with feeling, will influence internal forces and manifest change in your life. Some people like affirmation songs where they practice repeating a certain section of a song in an affirmation like manner.

Definition of Self Affirmation (based on the following principles)

  • Your present reality is a direct result of your thinking
  • Change your thinking, and your reality changes
  • Affirmation change your thinking

Many people are asking, what is an affirmation?

Well, affirmation is not a very complicated topic. It is simply about the control of one’s thoughts. An affirmation is a very powerful statement designed to improve the control of thoughts in order to create a better outcome. Whether it is in school or in the workplace, using affirmation can simply create a reality wherein everything is better and greater productivity is achieved. According to several experts, using positive affirmations can literally improve one’s actions. By practicing self affirmation, a person can actually influence someone to live life better and to work harder. An affirmation is a wish that is true. Thinking and writing positive affirmations either for oneself or for someone will literally improve one’s attitude. People’s beliefs and actions are actually based on thoughts and through positive affirmation people can improve in life.

What is an affirmation and how can it affect you?

A research has been done on what is an affirmation. They have found out that in everyday life people think of about 45,000 to about 51, 000 thoughts per day. The bad news is that over 80% of what you are thinking is based on negative thoughts. This means that your thoughts are often destructive and self limiting. Instead of bringing out your true potential you are pushing yourself down. The constant negative thoughts that lurk on your head are not motivational. They can actually ruin your productivity and your efficiency. It is also hard to believe others if you are often skeptical and doubtful. Through changing those negative thoughts with positive affirmation you can actually improve your life. Try to change the negative impulses and adapt to positive ones. When you feel encouraged, your life will have a better meaning. Eventually, you will be able to achieve success simply because you have changed your habits and actions.

What is an affirmation phenomenon?

It is when your thinking affects your rational judgment and eventually changes the outcome of your day. It is when you pick on something because you feel good about it and it changes the rest of your life. When you create conscious positive affirmations, you become more aware of the situations in your life and you try to take over.

An example of an affirmation phenomenon is when parents instruct their children that they will be professionals someday. Because parents push their kids to work hard and to strive for better grades, they are actually providing positive affirmation which can change the direction of their child’s life. Children who have positive optimistic thoughts, thanks to their parents, will most likely become successful in life. However, people who have negative thoughts will often carry their problems for the rest of their lives. Their negative thoughts are accumulated daily. The problems that you have will be passed down into the next day and such problems are then compiled with the present negative thoughts. That is why you should always be positive and you should always learn how to give proper self-affirmation.

Here’s some Affirmations for a Better Life

Every single one of us has a purpose. But there are many things in life that prevent us from tapping what truly is important to us. Taking away these distractions helps us understand the true meaning of our existence – why are
we here and who do we touch by our lives. Find a peaceful moment and try asking yourself what you are fantastic at. All it takes is getting back in touch with our inner self. Practice using these affirmations to see your life’s purpose gets revealed to you.

Living a Life on Purpose

  • I make decisions based on love
  • Happiness is with me wherever I go
  • I am in tune with the universal energies
  • I now accept others just the way they are
  • I now look for the good in all situations
  • There is abundance in my life
  • I am now a self-reliant individual
  • I am positive in all situations
  • I choose to be happy, and loving
  • I now attract only good into my life
  • Only good is coming to me now

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