what is positive thinking

What Is Positive Thinking?

Many of us are still baffled as to the answers to ‘what is positive thinking’ so for clarification, here is the exact definition:

Positive thinking is an act of using affirmative thoughts to change a perceived reality. It appears to be a “mind-training” method that requires effort to rid negative thoughts and focus on the optimistic ones. Positive thinking helps keep the mind and body healthy.

So now that you already know the answer to ‘what is positive thinking’, let’s analyze how this works.

Not all people believe or accept the power of positive thinking. Some of them see this as plain nonsense while others ridicule those who accept and believe. Positive thinkers are confident enough of achieving something else without stepping down on anyone’s shoes. The negative thinkers (also known as “pessimists”) meanwhile are attached to the more pragmatic aspect of achieving goals.
These days, positive thinking is a rather common subject. We always hear people say things like, “Think positive!” to a friend who feels worried and down. But some people don’t take these two words seriously since they either don’t know what it really means or do not consider them as very effective at all. Hence, the bottom-line here is that we cannot please everyone.

To know more about the answers to ‘what is positive thinking

You might want to know about the theory of positive thinking and get some actions and tips that can help you develop it.

  • Allow only success, strength and happiness into your daily awareness.
  • Socialize with people who think positively. Learn a thing or two from them.
  • Minimize the time you read newspapers, surf the internet or watch current events.
  • Before working on any action or plan, try to visualize in your thoughts its possible outcome. Use your faith and concentration to make that work in reality.
  • Always take a seat and walk straight. Studies show that this strengthens your inner strength and confidence.
  • Read self-help and inspirational books.
  • Try to ignore or disregard negative thoughts. Replace them with the positive ones.
  • Use only positive words while talking or thinking. Examples of these words are “I am”, “I can” “I can be” “I can be able to…” etc.
  • Swim, walk or engage in physical activities. They are believed to help develop your positive thinking attitude.

According to Mayo Clinic, positive thinking can result to a string of health benefits. Some of which includes reduction of stress & anxiety levels, lower depression rates and higher resistance to colds. Researchers believe that these benefits are traced by coping skills and improving a healthy lifestyle. The more positive you think, the more you feel comfortable about yourself.
Positive thinking has been clinically used to help people escape depression, anxiety and stress. However, no medical treatment or diagnosis has been discovered yet.

Are You a Positive Thinker? The best technique to make positive thinking work for you is by tackling self-esteem problems. Aside from that, you need to: 

  • Surround yourself with optimistic energy
  • Rely on positive “self-talk”
  • “Spot-check” your negative attitude
  • Always take care of yourself

Thinking is something by nature that we do every day, the truth is we we never stop thinking. Even when asleep we continue to think. So now you know the question “what is positive thinking“. I invite you to participate in our free affirmation course below. “Be Positive Think Positive”


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